Our History

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Established in January 1963, the Muslim Students Association of the U.S. & Canada (MSA National) continues to serve Muslim students during their college and university careers by facilitating their efforts to establish, maintain and develop local MSA chapters order ativan buy ativan mexico buy ativan no prescription .

First established on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign by a conference of Muslim students from around the U valium online uk buy valium online usa get valium no prescription .S. and Canada, MSA National has been a uniting forum for Muslim students from diverse backgrounds over four decades how to buy tramadol online how to buy tramadol online tramadol overnight delivery . It continues its mission of meeting the needs of our Muslim youth on campus with the zeal and energy of the Muslim students, but requires the support of the larger community ultram generic generic ultram information there buy valum us order valum america buy valum online usa .

Our Guiding Principles

Sincerity is the foundation of our existence
Knowledge precedes our actions
Humility guides our conduct
Patience is the hallmark of our planning
Truthfulness is the mark of our speech
Moderation is the compass for our journey
Tolerance is the banner of our outreach
Gratitude binds our hearts together
Forgiveness precedes our reconciliatory efforts

Annual Program and Resources

MSA National is a non-profit organization that strives to facilitate networking, educating, and empowering the students of today to be citizens of tomorrow’s community. To achieve our objectives, MSA National organizes dozens of events and programs annually. In addition, MSA National develops tools and resources to facilitate information sharing and unite students across North America. We are ready to help you.

MSA National at a Glance

  • Regional, Zonal and Continental Conferences with a few hundred to a few thousand attendees.
  • Fast-A-Thon with 200 schools that raised over $20,000 for charity.
  • Islam Awareness Day / Week
  • Manuals and guides
  • Constellation Program to network and educate nearly 150 MSAs in 25 cities.
  • The MSA Zone website with MSA contact and project information, online forums, event registration, news and announcements