Source: Huffpost Living Canada

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) promotes itself as the representative voice for Muslims on campus and usually plans Islam Awareness Week (IAW). The objective behind IAW is to dispel common misconceptions about Muslims in an environment of increasing Islamophobia.

However, representing Muslim voices is a heroic claim as there are many Muslim denominations, each of which has doctrinal differences with the other. There are Sunnis and Sufis, Shia Ithna Asharis and Shia Ismailis, Bohras and Ahmadis, progressive and LGBTQ Muslim groups. We also have vegan Muslims!

 Muslims are united by religious identity but are diverse in terms of beliefs and practices. The manner of prayer, dietary restrictions, sexual ethics etc. differ on the basis of the school of jurisprudence.

There are multiple intersections that lead to wondrous differences. For instance, there are feminist Muslims who do not affirm Muslim same-sex unions just as there are gay Muslims who are not comfortable with mixed gender congregations.

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