Source: The Link Newspaper

In a university known for its diversity, the threats made on Wednesday morning were shocking and out of place.

They represent a disturbing effort to intimidate the campus community at large, and to target Concordia’s Muslim student population during Islam Awareness Week.

The MSA congratulates and thanks law enforcement and the Concordia administration for their prompt response and the measures taken to ensure the safety at the facilities of Concordia University. We thank the Concordia Student Union for their words of solidarity and support. Indeed, “A threat against one of us is indeed a threat against all of us.”

The letter containing the threats mentions a complaint made against the MSA to the student union. However, the association has not received any complaints and we would like to emphasize that we are committed to promoting inclusive and welcoming spaces and fully support the university’s rights and equity policies. Furthermore, the MSA stands shoulder to shoulder with other faith groups, and remains committed to promoting safe and respectful communities. We have an open-door policy and welcome feedback or concerns and are committed to working with concerned parties to rectify any issues that may arise.

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