Ramadan Kareem

As-Salaamu Alaikum,

From MSA National to you, Ramadan Kareem! We pray that this month is full of blessings and barakah for you and your family. Let us strive to make this our best Ramadan yet, and let us pray that we greet Eid Ul-Fitr with a clean slate. Ameen.

Students, as we embark on this Ramadan through summer break, let us be sure to make the most of our time. Be sure to check out a few tips to maximize your Ramadan over summer break. As the hadith states, reported by Abu Hurayrah (R):

Every action a son of Adam does shall be multiplied—a good action by ten times its value, up to 700 times. Allah says: With the exception of fasting, which belongs to Me, and I reward it accordingly. For, one abandons his desire and food for My sake.
There are two occasions of joy for a fasting person: one when he breaks his fast, and the other when he meets his Lord, and the (bad) breath (of a fasting person) is better in the sight of Allah than the fragrance of musk. (Al-Bukhari)

Meanwhile, be sure to be on the look out for some exciting announcements from MSA National.

JazakumAllah Khair