The “United Against Islamophobia” campaign is an initiative launched by the Muslim Students Association (MSA) to help build bridges of understanding between Muslim students and their diverse allies across college & university campuses throughout North America.

In light of Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban and growing Islamophobia in the West today, we believe that standing up as intersectional allies for millions of young Muslim college and university students can help to address growing xenophobia and bigotry which is affecting millions of women, Latinos, African-American, LGBT and Jewish students around the world as well.

You can join the “United Against Islamophobia” campaign by co-hosting events on your local campus:

• Roundtable discussions with ally student groups on impact of xenophobia on college students today
• Invite prominent American Muslim speakers on Islamophobia to give keynote speeches
• Popcorn & Movie Night with Documentary Films on Islam & Muslims
• Food Festival with Diverse International Cuisine


For More Information on “United Against Islamophobia” Campaign Please Email: