Generic Cialis ideal for the treatment of impotency

In spite of being the generic version it has similar pharmacological action, chemical composition and efficiency which are needed for the treatment of male impotency. The only difference which could be observed between these two versions of these anti-impotency medicines is their outlook and most significantly their pricing.

Although the producers of Generic Cialis sell this medicine at a very lower price in comparison to the medicine having brand name, however, quality of the drug remains as it is. Generic Cialis is considered as one of the perfect solution to tackle with the problem of impotency in men. Numerous men are using the generic version of the drug on a daily basis and it is found to be the most secure and safe product for getting rid of the problem of erectile dysfunction.

If you contemplate to buy Cialis online, then to complete the whole process of purchasing will take you only four to five minutes. The Tadalafil citrate is the main component found in Cialis which accelerates the circulation of blood into the vessels of the penis and at the same time vessels of the arteries. The mechanism of the activity takes place through the relaxation of the muscle tissue of the penis and the stretching of the arteries beyond normal state. Owing to this the cavernous bodies get filled up with blood and thereby causing the individual to experience erection. The effect of the drug remains over four hours.

Cialis is available in tables of 100 mg, 50 mg, and 25 mg. Usually 50 mg is used as the initial dose and the colour of the pill is blue. In the event the desired effect is not found then the 100 mg pill is utilized, however, this is the maximum strength which can be utilized in a day. For good tolerance the aged person should begin the treatment with 25 mg pill. After consumption of the medicine the action of the same begins within one hour. The speed of medicine dissolution is restricted by fatty food. You may buy Cialis online very easily at an affordable price from numbers of online retail stores or your local drugstore. You would get the best service and deal by purchasing the medicines from online pharmacies and thus be able to tackle the problem of erectile dysfunction without any hassle.