Welcome to Our New Site!

In this blessed month of Ramadan, we are excited to announce the release of our new website. This has taken a lot of time and effort, and we are continuing to add features as we continue to expand our efforts. Here are some of the neat features of our new site:

MSA News Room: Here, we bring you the one-stop-shop for all Muslim student news. The vision for this portion is to feature MSA and Muslim student news across the US and Canada. In addition to news, we will also be posting articles under various categories such as Spirituality, Chapter Development, MSA National Announcements, Student Opinion, Student Spotlight, and more. Interested in writing an article For one of the categories? Simply submit your post for review and will be in contact with you! Happy writing.

MSA National LaunchGood Page: MSA National is very excited to announce our partnership with LaunchGood. On our LaunchGood page, all of the MSA projects across the US and Canada will be featured on our site. The benefit? Our MSA alumni will have access to all the neat projects MSAs are planning, and will be able to donate to them. MSA National will be launching promotions and matching pledges once a semester as well. Be on the lookout for these announcements!

MSA National Map: We have compiled the contact information a large sum of chapters from across the US and Canada. We hope this tool will allow you to interact with other MSAs across the country. We also have a map for the active MSA regions in the continent. Looking to start a region? Stay tuned!

Resources: Check out the list of MSA National Resources here. We will be adding to this as we near the start of the fall semester. In this tab, we have included pamphlets and templates which will be helpful to your MSA planning. We have also added a list of Islamic resources for you to compile sound Islamic knowledge. Again, we will be adding to this as the start of the fall semester approaches. Also under this tab, once fall semester beings, we will also be posting Jumua Khutba ideas. We will be posting the topic and notes for you all to use as a resource for the khateebs on campus.


As we launch this site, we are excited to say that more features will be launched, inshaAllah. We only ask that you continue to support us by sharing our new site and contributing financially in this blessed month.